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Capturing a moment can be an epic hobby, a meaningful and productive way of passing time to produce a work of art that will last for a life time. That’s why we see the trend of increasingly more people picking up photography as a hobby. We’ve seen some amateur photographers whom adores their work of art by making them into photo books and some might take a step further and print a photo canvas instead. So today we share with you an infographic in relation to avoiding the top 10 beginner photogra…Continue Reading


Babies, well they are perhaps the most adorable in the world. Celebrating the arrival of a baby on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become a norm these days but to our surprise that it has been proven that people still prefer the good-old fashion way of welcoming the new born, via  a phone call. There are of course many other ways that people use these days to inform their closest friends and family about the arrival their newborn baby, such as printing baby photo books, photo prints and h…Continue Reading


Landscape photography is one of the charm in photography in creating pictures with a good depth, in this case a blurry background to differentiate the main focus with its background or a clear focus of the background. A camera can only focus it’s lenses on a single point, thus making objects far apart from the focus point distance appears shallow or blurry. Depth of field refers to the range of distance that appears acceptably sharp. It may vary depending on the camera,  focusing distance and a…Continue Reading


There exists a type of photography that you might try if you want to excel: the wide angle photography. You might have tried to cram fifty people in a single photo, like your classmates or your family gathering photos during festivals or a wedding. To make sure everyone is included in the pictures; you put in your best effort to stack them, some of them sitting or lying on the floor, and even ask those in the last row to jump on the moment when the shutter release button is pressed. You are tryi…Continue Reading


Shooting photographs at the night time can be very challenging due to the absence of external light or the extra bright lights like those of vehicles or road lamps. Have you imagined how it would be if we wanted to shoot night photography in the city? Yes! It might be a little difficult because of all the extra lights. However, this does not mean the lights are always a bad thing as they can make the photographs extraordinary. A city can have some greatly delightful lights around the landmarks, …Continue Reading