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We bet that you love digital photography as much as you want to see your pictures printed out in a photo book. Over the last few years, one of the latest trend in photography is making your own photo book. Preserving your works in print has become an extremely famous choice of photographer, given that online printing services have been widely available.

In order to create a photo book that can make the readers struck with awe, it is important to think about composition when you’re designing a…Continue Reading


Babies, well they are perhaps the most adorable in the world. Celebrating the arrival of a baby on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become a norm these days but to our surprise that it has been proven that people still prefer the good-old fashion way of welcoming the new born, via  a phone call. There are of course many other ways that people use these days to inform their closest friends and family about the arrival their newborn baby, such as printing baby photo books, photo prints and h…Continue Reading


At the point when digital cams were initially introduced, numerous individuals predicted that it would not be very long before it becomes popular and more prominent than printing pictures. Keeping in mind it is real that individuals do not print the same number of photographs as they usually do. Actually, there are many new print services popping up constantly, planning to bait cell phone shooters to transform their digital memories into tangible photographs. Do not let your digital pictures go …Continue Reading


Find out more about Photo Prints and compare them with Instaprints™

Playing a role as photographer and as parents, we always take zillions of photographs of our little ones every year. Looking at your computers, you might have over thousands photo of your little angel, and that’s not including the photographs in your camera and tablet! You might even not remember some of these photographs which are actually the memori…Continue Reading


It’s almost that time of year again. We would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Here at Foto-Zzoom, we know what it is like to rush for Christmas every year as you wish you could turn back time and get started earlier. This year, we started our sales early for your convenience. Get what you need and more with just a few clicks of the mouse! Just spend a couple of hours to browse through and add a little personal touch to make your items special, showing a little love for…Continue Reading