There exists a type of photography that you might try if you want to excel: the wide angle photography. You might have tried to cram fifty people in a single photo, like your classmates or your family gathering photos during festivals or a wedding. To make sure everyone is included in the pictures; you put in your best effort to stack them, some of them sitting or lying on the floor, and even ask those in the last row to jump on the moment when the shutter release button is pressed. You are trying to ensure all their faces can be seen clearly.

Other than getting perfect group photos, wide angle photograph allows you to shoot full detail scenes which are normally unusual or exaggerated. Super wide angle lenses can be used here. You can see a big effect especially for the tiny object: it may appear larger than other larger object in the same scene.

There are few categories of lenses by referring to their focal length, the field of view of the particular lens. A photographer can choose different lenses ranging from super telephoto to super wide angle. Here is a brief detail:

  • Super telephoto (300mm and beyond)
  • Telephoto (70mm – 300mm)
  • Standard (about 50mm)
  • Wide angle (24mm – 35mm)
  • Super wide angle (10mm – 24mm)
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Focus With Wide Angle Lens

Wide angle lenses actually have a characteristic that they have higher depth-of-field as compared to a telephoto lens. That would decrease the focusing error, which means you can focus anything around centre of frame and then you would get a sharp image if you focus properly. The opportunity of getting a sharp and clear image will be increased if you use small aperture. There is actually a rule if you wish to get better result. First, look into your viewfinder. From there, estimate distance from the nearest point to the furthest point that you could observe in your viewfinder. Concentrate on a point roughly one-third away from you. If autofocus could not be used effectively in that point, focus your lens manually. This could be happen especially when you are in a low light environment. Try to use small aperture as it brings more field depth. It would be great to carry a tripod along because you can use the smaller aperture without cam shake.

Composing Using Wide Angle Lens

Shooting wide angle photography can be very challenging. If you do not frame in a correct manner, there will be some distracting objects in your photograph as wider view can be included in the photograph as compared to the normal lens. This will definitely distract your reader as they might focus on the distracting elements. Hence, you must frame properly; only include the necessary object in the frame. Landscape wide angle photography is classic candidate and to make it significant, the background would be the most important thing. Wide angle lenses will allow you to include sizable portion of background in your frame, so choosing a right background and including it in the frame will make your photograph interesting.

You can ignore the slow shutter speed when you are shooting a wide angle photograph. There is a reason behind it: the shorter focal length will downplay the slight camera shake problem. One famous example that you can try: hand hold your camera and try having photo shoot in the busy city street. You can capture a sharp image of your main subject but the pedestrian traffic appears blurred, and this is because of the slower shutter speed.

Bonus Tips: Wide Angle Care

You will need to be careful when you are using the wide angle lens. Part of the wide lens contains protruding glass, easily exposed and accidental contact with oily or dirty fingers or even scratching it will heavily damage it. Try to get a UV filter if your lens is compatible with it. The filter will definitely protect your lens from many dangers.

After reading some tips, you should have a better idea about the wide angle photography and how actually challenging and exciting it is. You must keep trying to get the perfect shot!


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