Annual Photo Prints Plan: How It Works

1. What are Annual Print Plans?

The FotoZZoom Annual Photo Prints Plan is a membership program that allows customers to enjoy easy savings on all photo prints. For only RM 75 per year, you can enjoy:

Everyday Savings on Prints:

  • 75% discount on all photo print sizes all year long (4R through 20R)
  • Low annual fee

Fast & Easy Shopping

  • You don't have to wait for special sales
  • No minimum purchases
  • Unlimited savings
  • Free Standard Size Simple Photo Book (RM 263 Value)

Free 30-page Standard Size 8x11 Photo Book (RM 263 Value):

  • A year of savings for the cost of a Photo Book
  • Your own custom 30-page A4 Size Landscape Photo Book
  • A beautiful and unique way to preserve your memories

2. How are Annual Print Plan discounts or savings applied?

Annual Print Plan benefits are automatically applied to any qualifying order. The amount of savings is included in the Discounts line in the shopping cart. You will be given a voucher code that you can apply at checkout.

3. How are Annual Print Plans different from Prepaid Print Plans?

With Prepaid Prints Plans, you are paying for a large number of prints in advance and typically restricted to specific print sizes. With an Annual Print Plan, you can enjoy a discount on all photo print sizes —regardless of how many you order— for an entire year. You pay for your photo prints when you choose to order them.

4. Does the Annual Print Plan discount apply to Prepaid Print Plans?

No. Because Prepaid plans offers a different price package on photo prints, the discount does not apply to the purchase of prepaid plans or the redemption of prepaid prints.

5. Can I purchase Prepaid Print Plans and subscribe to an Annual Print Plan?

Yes. Prepaid Print Plans are a great way to take advantage of our absolute lowest price on 4x6 prints. With an Annual Savings Plan, you will also enjoy a discount on other print sizes.

6. What prints qualify for the Annual Print Plan discount?

All prints sizes, including 4R, 5R, 6R, 8R, 8R+, 10R, 11R, 12R, 12R+, 16R, 20R


7. Are there any limits to how many prints and posters I can buy with the Annual Print Plan?

No, you can enjoy the discount on an unlimited number of photo prints.

8. What is the free Photo Book gift? Does it expire?

The Annual Print Plan includes a free, 30-page Standard Size Simple Photo Book. You can choose any hardcover style and can add additional pages for a small charge. Your free Photo Book must be redeemed within 60 days of subscribing to the Annual Print Plan.

9. Can I combine Annual Print Plan discounts with other sales or promotions?

Many special offers can be combined with Annual Print Plan discounts. A few types of special offers, such as percentage discounts (including the Annual Print Plan discount), are restricted in use and cannot be combined in the same order. Our system will not allow you to combine any discounts.

10. Can I use the Annual Print Plan for in-store pickup?

No. The Annual Print Plan is not valid on orders for in-store pick up.

11. Can I transfer an Annual Print Plan to another account?

No. Annual Print Plans are non-transferable.

12. Can I request a refund for an Annual Print Plan?

You may cancel your subscription within thirty (30) days of registration if you have not placed any orders under that program. If you cancel your membership under these requirements, we will refund your full membership fee and any applicable taxes. After 30 days, or if you have placed any orders that received an Annual Print Plan discount, subscription fees are non-refundable.