How it works

It is as easy as ABC!

Step A

Download Free Software

Our software can be used for all our photo products so if you want to make a photobook, photo canvas, 4R photo prints, greeting card, Instaprints™ can print all of them with just one software!
Our software is designed in a such a way that it is so easy to use, it is a complete no-brainer! Start downloading our free software now!

Step A

Create Project

By clicking on the "Create New Project" button in the software, you can begin designing your Instaprints™! You can choose from our large selection of creatively designed templates to insert your photos. Drag and drop is all you need to do when you are designing your Instaprints™. You can insert texts, cute frames and borders to your photos and many more.

Step A

Deliver to your doorsteps

Once you have uploaded your Instaprints™ to us and made payment, all you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for your Instaprints™ to arrive at your door steps. After our production process and quality checks, we will deliver your Instaprints™ to you. Delivery takes up to 7 working days.