Custom photo coasters are perhaps the best and most stylish way of showing off your favourite memories, and above all, the ideal way to make it into a meaningful yet affordable gift that your friends and family will truly appreciate. Personalised coasters make great gifts because they serve more than just as a gift or decor, rather, it can be used for cocktails, hot drinks and the no slip backing is a real add on! If your friend's birthday is just around the corner, making a customised coaster may just be your one way ticket to the best of affordability and uniqueness. Make you customised coasters today at FotoZZoom! Order Now!

Photo Coaster As Coffee Table Decoration

Coffee table decoration is perhaps one of the biggest challenges everyone has after buying a coffee table from a furniture store. Of course there are outstanding ways of spicing up your home decorations and having a photo coaster or some know it as lapik gelas may just be your answer. Forget about decorating your coffee table with perishable and pricey flowers, antiques that goes by the thousands, having a lapik gelas lets you decorate your coffee table easily and at affordable prices. On top of that, having a photo coaster at the dining table is not all that bad of an idea too.

Custom Coasters As Door Gifts

Will you be having a wedding kenduri soon? FotoZZoom can solve your door gift dilemma with our customised coasters. Print your wedding portrait on a photo coaster and have them ready as your kenduri door gifts. With a customised coaster, your wedding door gift does not require any fancy ribbons or wrapping paper, present it as it is and we guarantee you will mesmerise your guests! You can spice things up even more by making unique door gifts for all your guests, of course that will cost a little bit more than having a generic one.